02_ About Us

Think Tank 4 provides thoroughly thought through solutions that drive business transformation, digital enablement and sustainable innovation for companies and organisations across various industries and geographies.



What we do

Through our “brain trust” of seasoned professionals, we support our clients both at a project and an enterprise level – providing insights and strategies, project- and change-management, as well as ongoing performance tracking and optimisation support.

In this we focus on digital solutions, the understanding and optimisation of processes and work flows, and the smart integration of technology for best overall results.


How we do it

We don’t work for you. We work with you.
All our work is collaborative in nature and, based on your preferences, delivered at your premises in part or in full.That way we keep learning about you, your needs, strengths and even limitations, which allows us to make sure we only deliver solutions that will work for you. (Oh, and it also means we don’t need to charge you for big, fancy offices in prime locations …)

In addition, we will make sure your organisation is ready for any change by the time it is deployed. Because that’s what we would expect in your place.


What we don’t do

We don’t believe in “jack of all trades, master of none”, so we don’t do design, code or editorial work.

But, having been around a long time, we have probably met most people worth working with in those fields, or know someone who does. And we play well with others …

And we don’t waste your time by proposing innovation for its own sake. “Leaving well enough alone” is strongly embedded in our DNA – if it’s not broken, we will not pretend to need to fix it.